Mosquito Net Program

- ​Ron and Cheryl Wallin

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The Orphan House

​​Through The Community Health Program we distribute Mosquito Nets. Malaria is a an extremely prevalent problem in most of Africa. As of now, there is no better way to keep from getting the disease than by using a mosquito net. Sleeping under a net greatly reduces the risk factor and it saves lives. To this day many still die from exposure. You can help save a life by making a donation as small as $10. All of our supported orphans get mosquito nets provided for them but we always need more! Please make a difference today by making a donation to purchase a mosquito net and save a life in Uganda.

We are committed to the Vision and Mission of Tujje Ministries. Our goal is to reach out to the poorest of the poor in East Africa. We provide much needed medical attention with the Clinic, educational assistance program, Orphan support Program and the Community Health Care Program.

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Tujje Ministries is a dedicated team seeking to enrich lives in underdeveloped countries by establishing locally sustainable programs that meet physical, educational and spirtual needs.

Sponsorship program

We started with 2 students and now are able to support 60 students in Private School. In Ugandan society, you must have schooling in order to have any hope for the future. Our students range from age 4 to 15. As sponsored students they are given a uniform, breakfast and lunch every day at school, text books and supplies and a chance for a bright future.

For our younger primary students it cost $35 a month or $420 a year to give them this support. When they reach 11 years old they are eligible for boarding school for the next 5 years, At this point the expenses increase and the sponsorship program increases to $50 a month or $600 for the year. In 2014, we implemented the Mentor program where a young adult is assigned to 8 to 10 students. The mentors make sure they get to school, and handle any issues that may impede the children's access to education. If a child falls ill, they are taken to the Tujje Clinic and treated free of charge. The mentor program provides more support to these children than they would normally receive.

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